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Package Inclusions

* Business Start-Up Assistance
* Right to use our Trademark Name and Logo
* Equipment List and Specification
* Initial Inventory Supplies
* Two (2) Sets of Fashionable Uniform
* Training of Service Crew for Three (3) Days
* Continues Operational Support
* Marketing Advertising and Promotional Assistance
* Pre-Opening Opening and Post-Opening Assistance
* Assistance and Processing of Business Papers
* Assistance in Hiring and Selection of Service Crew
* P500,000.00 worth of Fire and Comprehensive
General Liability Insurance Mall Package Only


For our new generation, TS FIESTA has finally discover a new way to a healthful drinking lifestyle, CHADO TEA now offers a variety of flavored tea with a combination of CHADO SPECIAL SAGO. In some other countries, it is usually know as Basil Seeds, Tukmaria Seeds in India or Sabja. It is commonly used when making Vermicelli drinks. The seeds float at the bottom and absolutely delicious. A popular beverage in Japan, India, Taiwan and other countries made primarily by mixing flavored syrup with tea and Basil Seeds along with either milk or water.

When dropped into water, they first develop a whitish grey bloom and then the skin swells appearing hurry. The outer coating in translucent and pale grey so the black seed within can be easily seen. Once they get to this stage they are ready to be eaten. They have no aroma or taste but a strange pleasant combination of contrasting texture.

CHADO SPECIAL SAGO are considered to be diuretic tonic and an excellent remedy for constipation and piles. The plant is recommended for cough worms and stomach complaints and the juice of the leaves is applied externally for skin disorders. It reduces body heat. These seeds are soaked in water for some time and added to tea and syrup. This is a good drink to cool down your system instantly. Its seeds are thought to benefit people with constipation or diarrhea. Researchers believe that its seed may prevent sugar absorption by providing dietary fiber and relive constipation by acting as bulk-forming laxative.

CHADO KANDYEN JELLY (KANDYEN JELLY) is usually called the Queen Red Herbs. It is a type of large seaweed that has been used as a staple in many cultures for hundreds of years. The Chinese and Japanese consider these algae a SUPERFOOD, and always matched with cold tea drinks because it is full of so many different vitamins, minerals and beneficial compounds. KANDYEN JELLY is available as a dietary supplement and is used by many people for its numerous health benefits.

Immune Support - One of the most important benefits of KANDYEN JELLY is sulfated polysaccharides inside. This helps boost the immune system and keep viral cells from replicating.

Regulates Cholesterol – KANDYEN JELLY has been known to affect cholesterol levels as well. It is good at both lowering bad cholesterol levels in the body and also in helping cells regulate cholesterol so that it maintains healthy levels. Carrageenans – Carrageenans are molecular compounds found in KANDYEN JELLY. They are used in many different fields and are the most studied and widely beneficial compounds found in this type of jelly.

Fight Herpes - The carrageenans in KANDYEN JELLY are known to be excellent in fighting various strands of the herpes virus. A study published in “National Medicine” found that these compounds inhibit the spread of virus.

Gastrointestinal Health - The various minerals and vitamins (vitamin A, C, E, selenium, etc.) have a great effect on the general health of a person. In particular, they affect the gastrointestinal system when they are digested and help to make it healthier and to run more smoothly.

CHADO OCEANIC GRASS JELLY - Another discovery of a healthful drinking lifestyle. A very popular topping for cold beverages in Japan and Taiwan. Oceanic Grass Jelly is 100% pure coral grass, a valuable gift from sea. It is a source of collagen, higher collagen than bird’s nest. A replacement of REAL BIRD’S NEST.

Oceanic Grass Jelly are usually called the “SEA BIRD’S NEST or FUNORI” has nutritional value that is higher than shark’s fin, collagen are ten (10) times higher than shark’s fin and bird’s nest. Calcium is 37 times higher than fish liver. This grows naturally and contains no artificial fertilizer and no bleaching chemical, it is normal to have white crystalline substance is attached on it, and it has an oceanic smell but it safe for consumption. This organic grass jelly is rich in enzyme nutrients, minerals, calcium, iron, multitude fibers and jelly from proteins.

It is specially good for skin care, it helps to improve skin care and hair fall problem, it can reduce WRINKLES, BLOCKSPOT, FRECKLES, ACNES and sensitivity symptoms. A vegetarian diet and daily diet intake. The perfect health food for the children, pregnant woman, menopausal woman, the elderly and vegetarian. Prevention of ANEMIA. Replenish the cartilage between joints, strengthen bones, sinews and ligaments as well as lower back pain, etc.

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