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Originally established in the early 70’s as a family business and reorganized by the year 2004 as TANSO FOOD PRODUCTS and expanded recently last quarter of 2010 to TS FIESTA SEAFOOD SNACKS CORP. joined the market of snack foods and beverages, the latest entrant in a highly competitive industry. Our “MISSION” is to provide unparalleled and unequaled quality food products and healthy beverages focused on improving the taste standards of our consumers.

A marriage of formidable companies, TS FIESTA SEAFOOD SNACKS CORP. and TANSO FOOD PRODUCTS will enhance the competitive edge that is epitomized by the unique taste and salient points of the products and the companies behind TS FIESTA SEAFOOD SNACKS CORP.

A company to reckon with and products that are unmatched the Philippine market of snack food and beverages welcomes the birth of TS FIESTA SEAFOOD SNACKS CORP. The main strength of the company is in manufacturing, export, toll packing and franchising business selling variety of seafood snacks all made of rice base and natural ingredients of fish, prawn, crab, lobster, squid and Japanese Tea that is formulated with herbal seeds and match with variety of fruit series like apple green, blueberry, honey lemon, strawberry, raspberry, mixed berries, lychee, pomelo, four seasons, blue raspberry, passion fruit, grape fruit, kiwi, melon, mango, grape, orange etc. and our newly discovered the “Flower Series” soon to launch in the market. The flavors were all based on FDA standards comply in every respect with all standards set and required by the good industry practices and all duly authorize agencies of the government. Thus fit for human consumption.

The company also offers franchising business. The CHADO The Tea Room, CHADO Ice Coolers, BITZY’S Fish Fries N’ Co., QUICK STOMACH, COCO MANGOS, TEAFUNNY, and SIBIL Bar and Restaurant. A proud member and partner of PHILEXPORT, PHILFOODEX, PHILIPPINES FRANCHISE ASSOCIATION (PFA), and ASSOCIATION OF FILIPINO FRANCHISERS, INC. (AFFI).

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